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The Brand

'Honour Apparel' is the birth child of Sydney based Stylist Talia Kersh, who wanted to create a  minimal, timeless and effortless collection so women could wear beautiful pieces everyday with ease and comfortability.

Talia Kersh, who has worked as a fashion editor and stylist in the fashion industry in both Sydney and New York for the past 15 years and so used to long days on her feet for fittings, photo shoots and travel, was always on the hunt for those key pieces that were simple enough to work back with her existing wardrobe and minimal style, yet special enough to covet for. 

It was in the past three years with the birth of her two children that the need for a no-fuss wardrobe became even more paramount, a wardrobe she could mix and match, wash and wear, dress up and dress down. Pieces that would create a clean, sleek, polished look without breaking the bank. Versatile enough to take her from running around with the kids to popping in for a work meeting. Pieces that worked with both sneakers and heels, and packed easily for holiday down time.

That’s when Honour was born!