Lope Home Tumbler

Lope is a Melbourne based homewares label, conceived on a sunny day in 2016. Lope puts the onus back on the 'designer'.Continuously inspired by colour, architectural forms and the contours of the human body-- these are recurring themes in Lope collections. 

All products are designed and made in Melbourne.

These hand-made tumblers and matching pitchers flow like quicksilver- solid forms turning to liquid and back again. Their fluid design captures the light and reflects a unique gradient, their shape appearing to change like the ebb and flow of moving water.

A modern tumbler with a pop of bright, we love the Lope Home glassware.

Size: True to their mercurial nature - sizes and shapes will vary.Tumble Height approx 15cm.

Shipping, exchange or refund: Please refer to shipping, exchange and refund for detailed Terms and Conditions.