Among Equals Natural Bilum Bag

Among Equals Bilum bags are handwoven by artisan weavers in Papua New Guinea. Every Among Equals Bilum is unique, a one-of-a-kind work of art particular to the weaver and her home in Papua New Guinea. Traditionally, these bags were used to carry hefty loads such as oranges and potatoes, and even serve as hammocks for sleeping babies. Today, we celebrate their art - each bilum bag captures the weavers craft and her story.

- Woven using natural fibres

- The bush twine used to weave the bilum is made using the traditional technique of hand rolling plant fibres into twine over the knee

-Dyed using natural pigments made from plants and ochresSmall body and a short strap length

-The patterns are inspired by the surrounding environment, lineage and life of the artisan

-Embellishments Hand made pom and tassel in natural

-Made from cotton

Dimensions: 36cm wide30cm high57cm strap

Care: due to the natural fibres used, exposure to water and harsh sunlight may cause damage.T o clean bag, hang in direct sunlight for a couple of hours and shake out.